TerraPay helps your customers send money to any mobile, quickly, safely and affordably.


    Add cross-border mobile payment products to your service portfolio within a quick time and at lower costs.


    A single agreement gives you access to all the geographies that we expand into.


    We provide services ranging from regulatory, technical integrations, Fx services, transactions processing to settlements so that you can focus on your customers.

Who are we?

TerraPay is a Global transaction processing, clearing and settlement service for mobile wallets. We provide the interoperability engine that enables customers to send and receive realtime transactions across diverse payment instruments, platforms and regions.


TerraPay Connects

  • Money transfer operators
  • Payment card issuers
  • Government and NGOs
  • Mobile wallet systems
  • Banks

How does it work?

How can we
help you?

Making Low Value
Remittances Possible

TerraPay's unique model of digitising the entire payments chain, connecting the expanding mobile wallet infrastructure, and a low cost operations structure makes low value cross border payments affordable.

Remittances Hub Model

Moving away from bilateral arrangements to a clearinghouse model brings the world of TerraPay partners to you with one single partnership


Traditional cross border payments models are hard to scale up. TerraPay provides mobile white labelled solutions to its MTO partners to free them from the limitations of physical transactions.

Domestic Interoperability

Terrapay works with regulators to create a domestic interoperability platform between local MTOs, banks and Mobile Money Operators.

Making Money Remittances Convenient

Your customers can transact anytime from anywhere by using their mobiles. It takes away the inconvenience of travelling, standing in queues or handling cash.

Reducing The Cost of Compliance

Highly regulated businesses like remittance have a very high cost of compliance. By taking on regulatory compliance requirements, TerraPay reduces the cost of compliance for each participant by aggregation.

Clearing & Settlement

TerraPay is a flexible platform, which can ride its mobile payments clearing & settlement services as a layer on top of existing interbank clearing & settlement systems, or use TerraPay's banking partners to provide correspondent account settlement.

Forex Management

TerraPay offers a comprehensive suite of FX services. TerraPay partners can request quotes and book FX trades for low value transactions in any currency pair, including exotics, leaving it to TerraPay to source the best FX rates through its industry-leading partners worldwide.

Secured Network

TerraPay has a comprehensive and sophisticated machine-learning AML/CFT and Sanctions Lists engine. This system processes every transaction in real-time as well as through batched processes for volume and velocity, detecting structuring/smurfing and other money laundering strategies.


TerraPay offers a comprehensive bouquet of reporting services. Partners get a dashboard where they are able to design, save and schedule reports of their transactions. Regulators get a dashboard that can show live transactions and allow them to drill down to individual transaction and KYC. Regulators also may be able to access TerraPay's IMF standard BOP reporting suite.

Why TerraPay?

Mobile Number as the identity

Mobile numbers of senders and receivers are mapped to their identity document type and number, so that multiple accounts under the same identity get treated as a single account.

24X7 Remittance

Money is received by the beneficiary instantly and irrespective of any holidays or non-working days.

Send Money to any mobile

Since TerraPay is a mobile focused remittance service, to send money all you need to know is the mobile number of the beneficiary.


TerraPay's parent company, Mahindra Comviva, has presence in over 90 countries through its market-leading mobile financial services platforms.

Plug and Play Model

A tie-up with TerraPay allows you to use TerraPay's clearing and settlement services, licenses and global partner networks.

End to end service

Regulatory compliance, API integration, FX services, AML/CFT compliance, reporting, and settlement.

Low cost of set-up and operations

TerraPay outsources several non-core functions from its partners thus reducing expenditure.

Quick time to market

Standardised APIs support rapid deployment, enabling partners to quickly expand their global presence.