Fund Transfers

24X7 instantaneous money transfer terminated directly to mobile wallets.

End-to-End Service

Operated as a managed hub. Handles easy & convenient API integration, payment processing, forex conversion, reconciliation and settlement.


Access to a global financial network for mobile money operators, money transfer operators, banks, payment platforms - through TerraPay's "One Network" model.

Safe and Secure

Compliant with global payment industry security standards including AML/CFT verification against global databases.


Empower your customers to do more.

Regulatory Approvals

Manages all regulatory & licensing requirements wherever required.

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About Us

TerraPay, a mobile-first international payment network, has been founded with the vision to send money to any mobile.

TerraPay interconnects financial services providers -- mobile wallet service providers, money transfer operators, banks and payment platforms – to create a “one network” for secure and seamless transnational movement of funds. The network facilitates a broad transaction set including interpersonal transfers, e-payments and government disbursements.

TerraPay is platform agnostic and supports standard open APIs for integration with any mobile wallet provider. Through a single connection, partners gain access to a global payment network enabling rapid services up-scaling whilst minimizing Opex and Capex investments. As a fully regulated financial intermediary services network, TerraPay offers services beyond principal core transaction, routing and processing functions and assumes end-to-end responsibility for, regulatory compliance foreign exchange management and funds settlement.

Terrapay Services (UK) Limited is registered and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and HM Revenue and Customs in the UK.

TerraPay is an offering by Mahindra Comviva - a global leader in mobility solutions.

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