TerraPay awarded Best payments innovation of the year at Payments and Cards Summit 2017

• Declared as a winner in the category “Best Payments Innovation of the Year”. 
• Innovative solution built on an idea of Interoperability of diverse  financial instruments across geographies, all premised on an individual’s mobile number

New  Delhi,  India  8th  June  2017:   TerraPay,  the  world’s first   mobile  payments  switch  has received  an  award  for  the  “Best  Payments Innovation  of  the  Year”  at  the  Payments  and Cards Awards  held  on  7th June  during Payments  & Cards Summit, 2017 Mumbai. TerraPay has been recognized as the best payments innovation for its revolutionary interoperability as a service solution which has been successfully implemented across the globe in  a short span of two years.

TerraPay’s  innovative  solution  has  been  built  on  an  idea  of  Interoperability   of   diverse  financial   instruments across   geographies,   all   premised   on   an   individual’s   mobile number. The company is building global payment infrastructure to fulfil its vision to enable customers to Send Money to Any Mobile. TerraPay’s interoperability engine is designed to deliver a simple, fast and secure service experience.

Speaking on the occasion, Ambar Sur, Founder & CEO, TerraPay  said, “We feel honoured to receive this prestigious award and be recognized at the Payments and Cards Summit 2017. TerraPay’s interoperability engine has received acceptance from Industry partners which can be substantiated by the varied partnerships that the company has built. The company takes   pride  in   the  fact   that   it  has  enabled   its  partners   including   Money Transfer operators, Mobile money operators and banks in developed economies and emerging economies alike to join forces. This award further strengthens our belief to provide millions of people across the globe with an alternative to a cash-based economy by sending money 
to any mobile." 

TerraPay brings mobile wallet systems mainstream, by interconnecting them to existing financial institutions, payment systems, and networks such as banks, switches, and card networks to create a payments switch for instant, global money transfers.

About TerraPay 
TerraPay, the world’s first mobile payments switch is a global transaction processing, clearing and  settlement  service  for  mobile  wallets.  It  provides  the interoperability  engine  that enables  customers  to  send  and  receive  realtime  transactions  across  diverse  payment instruments, platforms and regions. The company believes in the power of the mobile and is building the digital payment rails to fulfil our vision of being able to send money to any mobile.TerraPay  is  a  B2B  company  incubated  by  Mahindra  Comviva,  a  global  leader  in delivering mobile  financial  solutions  and  is  part  of  the USD  18  billion  Mahindra  Group.  TerraPay  is registered  and  regulated  in  several  jurisdictions.  In  UK,  it  is  regulated  by  the  Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

PR Contact 
Sundeep Mehta
Global PR Manager
TerraPay, Netherlands
E-mail- contactus@terrapay.com