the highway ahead

an efficient digital interoperability engine
powering growth in real time

We empower our partners to be connected
to the global payments ecosystem by taking
a journey on our unique payments highway.

Who we are

We are a licensed digital
payments infrastructure
and solutions provider,
paving the global
payments highway.

The Company’s robust foundation and innovative platform technology enables customers and businesses globally to send and receive payments on a secure, transparent, efficient, and real-time basis. The agile network supports diverse payment instruments and types of payments.

Since its inception in 2014, TerraPay has established itself as a global partner to leading Banks, Money Transfer Operators, Mobile Wallet Operators, Government and NGOs, Payment Card Issuers and Financial Institutions to facilitate digital payments without borders.

We adhere to the complex regulations and compliance standards in different markets, being regulated in over 45 countries around the world.

A single integration with us opens up the highway to connect the global payments ecosystem with efficiency and speed.

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Accelerating digital

Strong service levels

  • 97% of transactions under 30 secs
  • 24/7 support for business monitoring and continuity
  • Aim to shorten integration in 2 days

Regulated and compliant operations

  • Front runner for licenses and approvals
  • Integrated secure and reliable
    compliance protocols
  • Digital identification
  • Robust foundation in region specific legal and regulatory frameworks

One to many connections

  • API based connectivity
  • Single termination channel for all payment types and instruments

Agile technology

  • Scalable, flexible and transparent
  • Adept to latest and emerging technologies
  • Universal interoperability
  • Automated reconciliation


  • Real time credits
  • Service level and customer satisfaction

Successful track record

  • Trusted partner for local
  • Participation in mega technical


  • Market dynamics and culture
  • Understanding consumer behavior

Fortifying our foundation


Diversity . Experience . Leadership

Led by industry stalwarts across the Payments, Banking, Technology,
Retail, Compliance and Mobile industries.

Our Management


Founder &
Chief Executive Officer


Co-Founder &
Chief Business Officer


Co-Founder &
Chief Operating Officer


Co-Founder & Chief Legal & Compliance Officer


Chief Financial Officer


Head of Technology


Regional Director MENA & Head of Marketing


Regional Director -
West & Central Africa


MLRO, Europe


Vice President - Global Strategic Accounts & Partnerships

Ambar Sur

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Ani Sane

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer

Ram Sundaram

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer

Akbar Hussain

Co-founder and Chief Legal & Compliance Officer

Ganapathy Subramaniam

Chief Financial Officer

Our marquee investors